Remember Me Takes Us To The Combo Lab [VIDEO]

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Remember Me’s ComboLab allows you to create and customize your own bespoke combos by unlocking new fighting move memories and combining them to maximize their power. The ComboLab provides a second layer of depth to the game’s combat system, with the goal of encouraging players of all abilities to experiment with different combinations and find the best combo for each combat situation. The ComboLab is accessible via the pause menu at any given moment in the game. The combo system looks like it could be pretty cool once you learn to link all the components together, by the end of the game it looks like you will be nearly unstoppable by linking multiple devastating combos together. With the number of enemies it looks like you will be up against at once, you will probably need it. For a fighting system like this to work really well, I think the blocking/counter system has to be really good and I couldn’t tell from this video how well that works so we will have to wait and see.

Combo list

There are four combo sequences available. Each sequence consists of several slots delivering either kick or punch attacks. The sequence is predetermined, but you are able to assign the type of kick or punch move, known as ‘Pressens’, for each slot in the sequence. Each Combo starts with a standard attack highlighted below in orange. The other slots are empty until you fill them with Pressens (see next chapter). At the beginning of the game, some combos’ slots are locked. The more Nilin fights the more Nilin remembers her melee combat skills and further slots become unlocked.


Before her memory was erased, Nilin was a very powerful fighter. Progressively, she will have to remember all the moves she once knew. In Remember Me, these fighting moves are called Pressens. These are the memories which need an amount of Procedural Mastering Power (PMP) in order to be remembered. PMP is gained by defeating enemies and performing combos. The longer the combo you perform, the more PMP you earn. There are 24 Pressens in the game. There are four families of Pressens; each family has a unique power that lies within.

Customization & strategy

There are many different ways to combine Pressens in order to create powerful and personalized combos. Depending on the combinations selected, you can setup different strategies which respond to various fight situations. The effect that each Pressen delivers will be rewarded instantly.

Dynamic Combo Display

The dynamic combo display is in-game real-time feedback of your combos. It indicates the input you press (kick or punch) and the Pressen family.


S-Pressens are unique moves which enable the player to turn the tide of battle. S-Pressens are not directly linked to the ComboLab as you cannot place them in a combo chain or buy them. However you need to perform several combos to build a resource called “Focus”. Focus is gained each time Nilin hits or is hit by an enemy. With enough Focus stored, Nilin will be able to unleash one of her amazing powers.

There are five S-PRESSENS in the game, which will be unlocked throughout the story. Each of them is a destructive weapon dedicated to take care about all sort of enemies.

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