Slender Man Is Getting A Sequel‏

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If you have been hibernating under a rock for the last couple of months you may not have heard of Slender Man: The Eight Pages, known to many as the scariest gaming experience anyone will encounter. The Indie game created by Mark Hadley took the world by storm with its dark forest setting, suspenseful music and mysterious character Slender Man. The game was simple, just find 8 pages scattered through-out the level. The issue was that it could get repetitive after a while, which has jolted Hadley into action and with it the announcement of Slender Man: The Arrival.

slender man the arrivial screenshot 1 544x400

Yes … It’s an Armani.

So what improvements can we expect in Slender Man: The Arrival? According to the teaser site set up for the sequel, “more levels, improved visuals, and an engaging storyline, will take Slender to all new heights.” Hadley will be working with Blue Isle Entertainment to release the game, with the studio saying ” we have worked closely with Mark over the past few weeks and we are really excited to deliver the best Slender game possible.” The game was also mentioned as a commercial release, so don’t expect it to roll of the production line free of charge.

What ever the duo end up creating, expect yourself making regular trips to the clothes store for extra underwear. Let’s hope a console version somehow makes its way into production in the future,  it would fit in nicely on the PlayStation Store or Xbox Marketplace, wouldn’t you agree?

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