Sleeping Dogs October DLC Revealed, Release Dates And Prices Coming Soon [TRAILER]

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The folks over at Square Enix has dropped the details on the next bit of DLC to hit for Sleeping Dogs. This October, Wei Shen’s rise through the triad ranks continues with a selection of game-extending mission packs and powerful player upgrades slated for release. I’m glad the game is getting some DLC dropped but I’m really excited to hear about how they will expand the story, can’t wait for those details on Oct. 14th.

sleeping dogs october dlc 1 550x343Incoming content packs include:

  • Adrenaline-fueled street racing across the island of Hong Kong in the Street Racer Pack
  • Twenty new cop missions unfold on the streets of Hong Kong via the SWAT Pack
  • The Tactical Soldier Pack empowers players with the game’s most powerful weapon and armor
  • The Community Gift Pack – free, tailor-made content from United Front Games

Sleeping Dogs’ first story-driven game extension: details to be revealed at a special panel at New York Comic Con Panel on October 14. Specific release dates and prices will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

sleeping dogs october dlc 1 88x55sleeping dogs october dlc 2 88x55sleeping dogs october dlc 3 88x55

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