Pro Evolution Soccer Gets Its Form Back, EA Welcomes The Challenge

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Every game has its significant other, one that through the years they have locked horns with to better each other on gameplay or sales. One rivalry that has raged on for what seems like an eternity is that of Electronic Arts’ FIFA franchise and Konami’s Pro evolution Soccer, the two leading football games in the industry. FIFA has had the best share of the spoils the last while and with Pro Evo seeing a return to form this year with some impressive review scores, EA’s Peter Moore is more than happy to welcomes the new competition.

pro evoultion 2013 screen 1 300x162

Pro Evolution making a comeback!

Moore made the comment while talking to CVG recently, saying that the company “we always welcome competition from our good friends at Konami, it keeps us all on our toes”.

“Pro Evo has been a favorite game for a number of years but I think people recognize FIFA has been a powerful force and we’ve raised the quality of what soccer games are in the entertainment business,” said Moore.

Moore went on to say that in the rivalry between the two ends with both companies upping their game and in turn bring better quality to the consumer. The publisher’s COO couldn’t have said it better, where or when the war rages on,  gamers always come out on top.

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Source: CVG

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