12GB Super-Slim PS3 To Be Released Next Month [RUMOR]

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Remember that super-slim PS3 model that was supposed to be unveiled at Gamescom this year? Well it wasn’t – obviously, but rumors have started again that suggest the revised console could still hit the market in time for the holiday period, and like the Wii U, it will rely on limited flash memory for its storage needs.

According to website Gamereactor, a German retailer has posted listings for a 12GB version of the console , which will apparently be released into stores as soon as next month, presumably to do battle with the Wii U. The reduced memory may not however also correspond with a reduced price, as Sony has repeatedly said that the PS3 (and Vita) is not due a price drop anytime soon. Of course Sony has been quick to deny these rumors…for now.

 ps3 super slim rumor

If these rumors are true which seems increasingly likely, all three console manufacturers would now be offering hardware with flash memory for more casual users and in the case of Microsoft and Sony, a higher spec offering with a sizable hard drive. Is this a hint of the route that will be taken in their next generation of systems as well?

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