Madden NFL 13 Title Update #2 Gets Detailed

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So last night we told you that the first post release update for Madden 13 would drop today and it has. The only downside from that update last night was that we really didn’t have any details on what the update actually fixed. Luckily, with the update dropping today, EA Sports has revealed the details as to exactly what the update does and doesn’t fix.

 Full list of fixes/additions in Madden NFL 13 Title Update #2:

  • Added an Instant Start option to Connected Careers as a player
  • Numerous commentary improvements to address when lines trigger and what they say.
  • Added a trade notification in CCM for the NFL Draft
  • Fixed social media sharing post-game to address spacing issues
  • Improved the GameFace feature
  • Fixed Challenge Audio to make the appropriate call
  • Improved Physics Get-up post play
  • Adjusted created players in Connected Careers so that they always have high progression grades despite their backstory choices
  • Fixed defensive assignment issues against the CPU AI when users were in Man Coverage
  • Increased the chances to trade for a CPU team’s starter
  • Adjusted the scouting development trait in CCM to display as (Slow, Medium, Fast, or Superstar) instead of 0-3.
  • Added the ability to post results from H2H MUT games on Facebook/Twitter.
  • Numerous stability issues around the game in general were also included in the update to improve the overall experience and Connected Careers specifically.

So there you have it folks, did everything you want to get fixed make it in? Personally, the “Fixed defensive assignment issues against the CPU AI when users were in Man Coverage” and the “Increased the chances to trade for a CPU team’s starter” are probably the two biggest changes in the update to me.

Maybe now with the “Increased the chances to trade for a CPU team’s starter” you might actually be able to get the Redskins to give up RG3…maybe. Keep in mind that the majority of these fixes were in planning before the game dropped so a lot of things based on post release feedback probably won’t be available until the third title update which currently doesn’t have an ETA. Hit up the comments and let us know your thoughts on the latest patch and definitely hit up our Facebook page to keep up with all the latest news from the site.

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