Halo 4’s Enemies Unveiled

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Big console exclusives are becoming more and more a thing of the past, particularly this holiday season, when each of the consoles (including that new one everybody is talking about!) has only a couple of titles arriving solely for that machine. Of all the console exclusives heading our way this year though, arguably there are none so potentially monumental as Halo 4, and we now have some additional news to bring you about the enemies you will be facing off against in the game. Spoilers ahead!

Game Informer magazine has included a list of eight new Promethean enemies and their weapons in their latest issue, and it seems like you will certainly have your work cut out when you face these guys. It seems odd for a Halo game not to feature Grunts, Elites and the like, but these Promethean bad guys look set to take their place in the Halo universe.

Here are the details of the newly announced enemies you will be facing:

  • Knight: Use Light Rifles or Suppressors
  • Knight Lancer: Scouts who use Promethean Vision to spot enemies (that’s you by the way!)
  • Knight Commando: Wield incinerator cannons and sport fetching heavy armor.
  • Knight Battlewagon: Prmoethans built like tanks, who carry auto-sentry turrets on their bodies.
  • Watcher: Floating spectral creatures who revive fallen knights, spawn Crawlers and catch grenades. Sound annoying.
  • Crawler: Small dog like creatures as seen in the E3 demo.
  • Crawler Snipe: Dogs designed for long-range attacks. Obviously.
  • Alpha Crawler: Lead packs of Crawlers and also carry weapons themselves.

So what do you guys make of the latest Halo 4 news? I have to admit the game is making me seriously consider investing in an XBOX 360, along with the chance to play Alan Wake again of course! It will be released in November.

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