Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Fixes And Updates Inbound

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As PlayStation 3 gamers who invested in Battlefield Premium indulge in what expansion Armored Kill is offering, the rest of us still patiently wait for its release. One of the upsides from receiving Armored Kill after the rest is that DICE has time to iron out all those bugs that came with release, which is what exactly what the developer will be doing.

Bugs and Fixes Inbound!!

DICE lead designer Gustav Halling took to his blog to announce an upcoming update for Armored Kill, it read:

Tomorrow we finally open up the flood gates and releases BF3: Armored Kill for PC and Xbox 360 Premium player!

We have gotten some really great feedback from PS3 owners and awesome reviews. There are also a few minor good experiences and feedback which I wanted to address now to inform everyone we are on it and will update them as soon as possible.

These updates are expected to go live either late this week (Thursday/Friday) or early next week (Monday/Tuesday) for all platforms. It’s too early to say when yet.

Check out the full list of tweaks and fixes below.

Mobile Artillery

  • The Mobile artillery’s !Proximity Defense” unlock is causing players to “suicide” when being used in both vehicles with higher reprorate in the US HIMARS.

Gunship in Rush

  • Defenders have had a hard time winning the last week and we are making tweaks to even out the battlefield. The Gunship will respawn after 90 seconds instead of 60 seconds in Rush after being destroyed.

Alborz Mountains Conquest Large (PC only)

  • On conquest large there is a bug where the Russian attack helicopter doesn’t show up in the spawn menu. It is however spawned in so either drive down to it or use an airplane as a “spawner” closer to it.

Armored Kill will drop for Xbox 360 and PC gamers tomorrow. Let us know your thoughts on the story in the comment section below.

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