Sacred 3 And Dead Island: Riptide [EARLY PREVIEWS]

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As if checking out all of the latest titles from the likes of Sony, Capcom and Activision at Gamescom wasn’t enough, ZKG was also invited to an exclusive first look at some new games recently revealed by Deep Silver, namely Sacred 3 and Dead Island: Riptide. We were expressly forbidden from telling you guys all about them until after the PAX show, but now the cat is out of the proverbial bag, we can share everything we learned about both games with you all.

The business and press area at Gamescom is a world away from the craziness of the main public halls. A balcony beach, cool uncrowded walkways and extremely civilized free drinks and snacks made a nice change from elbowing your way through maniac crowds, but we weren’t here to schmooze – we wanted to see the new games.

The first title to be shown off was Sacred 3, sequel to the original titles developed by Ascaron and released on PC and consoles a few years back. Deep Silver have now acquired the license and intend the new game to be a cornerstone of their ever-improving library.

In effect Sacred 3 is a multi-player focused hack and slash game, clearly influenced by the likes of Diablo and Titan Quest, but with its own cinematic flourishes like a dynamic camera. The storyline is set 100 years after the first Sacred game (the second one was a prequel) and will allow gamers to re-visit locations that were used in Sacred 1, only with a much more modern twist on them.

As I mentioned, multiplayer is a massive part of the game and you will be accompanied by a partner character whether or not they are controlled by a friend or the AI. In a slightly disappointing move, Deep Silver confirmed there would be no local play, just because it would have been too difficult to track both players on the same screen together, however they did promise 4 player online co-op. The game appeared quite arcade-like in places, with plenty of special moves in use by the Berserker and Lancer characters that were shown off. The game seemed a very interesting mix of arcade brawler and Diablo looting like-RPG. Expect to hear more about this one before its release at some point in 2013.

The next title in front of our eagerly waiting eyes was the sequel to 2011’s surprise hit – Dead Island. The follow-up game is subtitled Riptide and is set on a neighboring island in the same archipelago as Banoi from the first game and takes place literally minutes following your escape in a helicopter last time around…

Many things are promised from the sequel, including the ability to transfer your character save from the first game or take control of a brand new character. The developers Techland told us they had a tough job balancing out the ability levels of characters for the multiplayer mode between those that carried over characters and new players, but they feel they have nailed the experience.

It has to be said that Riptide does look very similar to the first game and seems to play in a familiar way as well (we didn’t get to try it out unfortunately). The idea behind this seems to be very much ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’, but the engine has been tinkered with quite a lot behind the scenes and certainly appears more polished as a result. The game will launch across PC. PS3 and 360 as last time, with all versions looking fairly identical.

Dead Island Riptide LogoThe main section that was shown off to us involved the defense of a ruined building in the middle of a jungle, under attack from the zombie hordes. This type of mission is included to mix things up a bit and seemed like a welcome distraction, allowing you to plant explosives and work with AI partners to develop tactics. This is one of the big changes to the first game, as your buddies will be visible during gameplay sections like these, rather than being invisible until the cut-scenes as in the first Dead Island.

Some more new features to look forward to in the game include controllable boats (which one player can pilot whilst the other shoots), a whole gang of ex-military types that you can befriend and who will help or hinder you and clearer map markers which should eliminate one of the frustrating elements of the first title.

We did attempt to push Deep Silver for some more concrete information relating to the release date, but all we got from them was 2013 – still, it certainly looks like one to keep an eye on if you enjoyed the first game.

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