How To Make Trades In Madden 13 Connected Careers Mode

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This is a question we have heard a lot lately from players, they are trying to understand how the whole trade thing works in Madden NFL 13. A lot of us are used to pretty much using and abusing the CPU when it comes to pillaging their roster for the best players and their draft picks. I’m sorry to report that in Madden 13 it’s not that easy anymore, in fact in some cases its just not going to happen. For a lot of folks this sucks, but it doesn’t mean that if you are willing to pay a hefty price that you can’t have your favorite player on your team.

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The trade A.I. in Madden 13 is a lot smarter, teams make decision based on their play style and their needs at that moment. If you notice in Madden 13, when you put a player on the block, a little bar appears to the left of his picture and its either red yellow, blue or green. You will notice that this bar will go up and down as you scroll through teams, the more a team needs the position of the player you are offering, the more likely you will be able to pull off a good deal. So in essence you are looking for the bar to be blue or green. This limits the number of teams you can move certain players too so you have to be smart about it, but you can probably still get most guys if you understand what their team needs.

I could waste a lot of time trying to explain this to you in words, but I’d prefer to let my good friend BuckeyeNation from DLG explain it to you in an excellent video he put together on the subject. If you are having trouble pulling of the trades you want, watch the video and it should make things a lot clearer.

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