Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Dog Tags And Assignments Detailed

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Battlefield 3 Premium members on the PlayStation 3 will be first to try third expansion pack ‘Armored Kill’ when it releases tomorrow. Bringing visually breathtaking maps and new vehicles to fans, Armored Kill will be the biggest DLC outing yet for the shooter and one developer DICE has put a lot of work into over the last few months. Not long ago we brought you the achievements and trophies for the expansion, now we have some Dog Tags and Assignments to share with you, with Premium members expecting even more assignments down the line.


New assignments and dog tags!

Feast your eyes upon these Dog Tags and Assignments my fellow Battlefield 3 gamers, will you be collecting them all on day one?

Armored Kill Dog Tags

battlefield-3-armored-kill-armored superiority-tag-1

 Armored Superiority

 Unlocks the Armored Superiority Basic Dog Tag

50 kills in MBT’s



battlefield-3-Mechanized-Infantry-tag-1 Mechanized Infantry

 Unlocks the Mechanized Infantry Basic Dog Tag

– 50 kills in IFV’s



battlefield-3-get-to-the-choppa-tag-1Get to tha Choppa

 Unlocks the Get to tha Choppa Basic Dog Tag

– 50 kills with scout or attack helicopters

– Destroy 25 MBT’s with scout or attack helicopters



Unlocks the Maverick Basic Dog Tag

– 50 kills with jets

– Destroy 25 attack or scout helicopters with jets


battlefield-3-armored-kill-need-a-ride-tag-1Need a ride?

Unlocks the Need a Ride Basic Dog Tag

– 50 kills in jeeps, boats, quads or transport helicopters

– 50 squad driver assists


Armored Kill Assignments

battlefield-3-armored-kill-wired-attck-assignment-1Wired Attack

Unlocks Tank Destroyer TOW
– Destroy 10 Tank Destroyers and 1 Mobile Artillery


Explosive Danger

Unlocks HE ammo for Tank Destroyers
Get 15 kills with Tank Destroyer

battlefield-3-armored-kill-exlosive-fire-extinguisher-assignment-1Need Repair

Unlocks Tank Destroyer Firing Extinguisher
 – Repair 20 friendly vehicles

battlefield-3-armored-kill-rock-specialist-assignment-1Rocket Specialist

Unlocks Airburst for Mobile Artillery
Get 10 kills with Mobile Artillery

battlefield-3-armored-kill-anti-air-support-assignment-1Anti-air Support

Unlocks Anti-air missiles for Mobile Artillery
 – Get 15 kills in the Gunship

Armored Kill is available tomorrow for Battlefield 3: Premium PlayStation users, September 11th for Xbox 360 and PC Premium users, September 18th for non-Premium PlayStation users and September 25th for non-Premium Xbox 360 and PC users.

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