Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Achievements/Trophies List Revealed

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We are truly stuffed with information about upcoming Battlefield 3 Expansion ‘Armored Kill’, the big sprawling maps, new vehicles and brand new game mode will no doubt have fans of the series itching to get their hands on it. For the try-hard population of the game, Armored Kill will include some shiny trophies and achievements according to Reddit user Shehzaan, with the Xbox 360 receiving a recent game achievement update that we expect the PlayStation 3 to follow suit with. So shooting bad guys and driving vehicles isn’t the only thing on the agenda.

alborz-mountains-armored kill-battlefield-3-1

DICE haven’t held back!

The update brings 5 new achievements/trophies, with no secret achievements to collect this time around. They will be a walk in the park compared to some of the “pull your hair out” moments Back to Karkand and Close Quarters gave us. Check out the full list of achievements and trophies below.

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Achievement/Trophy List

  • Death From Above: Get one kill with the Gunship(AC-130) – 20G
  • Destroyer: Get 10 kills each with Tank Destroyers and Mobile Artilleries – 30G
  • Off Road: Get one kill with the Quad Bike – 20G
  • Superiority: Win one round of Tank Superiority – 20G
  • Dropship: Destroy the Gunship – 30G

Armored Kill will land for PlayStation 3 Premium members on September 4th with Xbox 360 and PC Premium members receiving it on September 11th. If you decided to not pick up the Premium membership for Battlefield 3, PlayStation non-Premium members will get it a week later on September 18th and on September 25 for non-Premium Xbox 360 and PC users … not at all confusing.

Make sure to check out the stunning fly-through video of Alborz Mountains released by developer DICE to get you in the mood and leave your thoughts on the story in the comment section below as always.

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