Battlefield 3 ‘Armored Kill’ Lands September 4

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So much the genuine excitement for upcoming Battlefield 3 expansion ‘Armored Kill‘, that many gamers are glued to their respective computer screens waiting for the release date to officially land. Well the day has finally come, with the vehicle infested expansion landing on September 4th. Armored Kill will have 4 new multiplayer maps (including the biggest in Battlefield history) to battle on, a brand new game mode and many new vehicles to drive or fly.


All Out Warfare!

Armored Kill will see many release dates across all platforms due to Battlefield Premium and PlayStation exclusivity Electronic Arts has with Sony. If you’re confused on when you can get access to Armored Kill, you can check out the release dates below:

Armored Kill Release Dates

  • PlayStation Premium subscribers – September 4th
  • Xbox 360 and PC Premium subscribers – September 11th
  • PlayStation Non-Premium users – September 18th
  • Xbox 360 and PC Non-Premium users – September 25th

Armored Kill will be the third DLC released for Battlefield 3 and will offer big sprawling maps, giving room to the new vehicles that will be on offer. We will also see the inclusion of the Tank Superiority mode, which works like the King of the Hill game mode but with tanks not soldiers. Some of the new vehicles we will see will consist of AC-130’s, Tank Destroyers and Mobile Artillery, so we have plenty to keep us occupied.

Will you be picking up Armored Kill this September? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below or check out our Facebook and Twitter page for more gaming news.

Source: Battlefield Website

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