Black Ops II Live Streaming Feature Will Work On Consoles Says Treyarch

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The sheer amount of new features and content in upcoming shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops II is unrivaled. Many of the new trinkets Treyarch has included in the multiplayer are heavy on the social media side, such as the new live streaming feature. You would expect such a feature to be mainly grounded to the PC platform, but Treyarch has announced that the live streaming function will work on consoles, Yipee!!


Showing off your Akimbo skills live is finally an option!

The developer showed of the new feature at a special press event last Monday, with a row of iPads showing the game being played live on the Xbox 360 in its browser. Design director for Black Ops II, David Vonderhaar, clarified to the guys at Eurogamer that the live streaming function will be on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but stated that it’s restricted to League Play, the new system that pairs you up with similar skilled players. When asked about the features impact on performance issues, Vonderhaar said if there is any issues, it will be a result of the player’s bandwidth and not the game itself.

“Look, you can’t catch me saying never, because there’s one thing I don’t have in our control, and that’s your bandwidth. If I said to you, no, it’s never going to have any performance implications and then you don’t have enough bandwidth to actually upstream, that wouldn’t be a fair thing to say. But it’s not having any game impact. That’s a really important part, and that’s measurable, and we know that.”


Is Black Ops II ready for such a drastic change?

Call of Duty: Black Ops II will enter into the eSports scene this year, with all the new multiplayer features making competitive gaming to the masses a lot more easier. “I want to make something for everybody and for the masses. That’s what I’m interested in,” said Vonderhaar. “Call of Duty actually has a pretty healthy and vibrant eSports community. The MLG [Major League Gaming] and the EGL [European Gaming League] are two pretty big leagues. We were told very specifically by MLG that Call of Duty is the most played game on Game Battles, which is their own thing. So we know there’s a vibrant community here.”

Vonderhaar is hoping for the Call of Duty masses who aren’t as familiar with competitive leagues to get involved and really make the Black Ops II experience one to remember. Either way it’s shaping up to be quite the online extravaganza and with the opportunity to show of your skills live, it could bring the franchise to the next level – if that’s even possible.

Will you be live streaming when you pick up Black Ops II on November 13th? Let us know in the comment section below or head on over to our Facebook page for more Black Ops II news.

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