WWE ’13 Roster Officially Revealed

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It’s that time again folks, the time where we tell you what superstars will be making it into WWE 13. What looks like the majority of the WWE 13 roster was revealed by THQ during the Roster Reveal event at SummerSlam Axxess. All the obvious folks are there but I’ll leave it to you to decide whether you think everyone who made it was deserving. Check out the list of characters we know so far are included:

Current Supertars

  1. CM Punk
  2. Alberto del Rio
  3. Big Show
  4. Booker T
  5. Brock Lesnar
  6. Brodus Clay
  7. Chris Jericho
  8. Christian
  9. Cody Rhodes
  10. Daniel Bryan
  11. David Otunga
  12. Dolph Ziggler
  13. Edge
  14. The Great Khali
  15. Heath Slater
  16. Hunico
  17. Jack Swagger
  18. JBL
  19. John Cena (White Rapper Thuganomics)
  20. John Laurinaitis
  21. Justin Gabriel
  22. Kane
  23. Kevin Nash
  24. Kofi Kingston
  25. Mark Henry
  26. The Miz
  27. Primo
  28. Randy Orton
  29. John Cena
  30. Rey Mysterio
  31. The Rock
  32. R-Truth
  33. Santino Marella
  34. Sheamus
  35. Sin Cara
  36. Epico
  37. Ted DiBiase
  38. Triple H
  39. Undertaker (Shaved Head)
  40. Jinder Mahal
  41. Wade Barrett
  42. Zack Ryder


  1. Alicia Fox
  2. Beth Phoenix
  3. Brie Bella
  4. Eve
  5. Kelly Kelly
  6. Kharma
  7. Nikki Bella
  8. Lita
  9. AJ Lee (DLC)


Damien Sandow

Attitude Era

  1. Mike Tyson
  2. Road Warrior Animal
  3. The Big Bossman
  4. Billy Gunn
  5. Bradshaw
  6. Bret “Hitman” Hart
  7. The British Bulldog
  8. Cactus Jack
  9. Chris Jericho
  10. Christian
  11. Dude Love
  12. Eddie Guerrero
  13. Edge
  14. Farooq
  15. The Godfather
  16. Road Warrior Hawk
  17. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
  18. Kane
  19. Ken Shamrock
  20. Mankind
  21. Mark Henry
  22. Mr McMahon
  23. Big Show (Paul Wight)
  24. Road Dogg
  25. The Rock (1999)
  26. Shane McMahon
  27. Shawn Michaels (DX)
  28. Triple H (DX)
  29. The Undertaker
  30. Vader
  31. X-Pac
  32. Lita
  33. Stephanie McMahon
  34. Trish Stratus
  35. Stone Cold Steve Austin

If you want a more interactive experience, check out the official roster page for WWE 13 over at THQ’s site. WWE 13 hits the street October 30th in North America and three days later in Europe. So you tell us, who’s in that shouldn’t be and who got left out. Hit up the comments and tell us or hop on over to our Facebook page and let us know there!!

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