Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Patch 1.19 And PC Patch 1.15 Released

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Tagging along with the release of classic Modern Warfare 2 map ‘Terminal’ for Modern Warfare 3 on the PlayStation 3 and PC, Infinity Ward has released patches for the two platforms, with the PS3 receiving Patch 1.19 and the PC receiving Patch 1.15. The map (with the patches attached), can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store and by Auto-download on Steam for PC users.


Still making sure the game runs smoothly!

The patches will come in handy while beefing up those guns with the Double Weapon XP weekend that is happening for Modern Warfare 3 at the moment. Make sure to check out the Patch notes below.

PlayStation 3 – Patch 1.19

  • Update to Face Off logic
  • Improvements to lag compensation
  • Support for Elite drops 19-24
  • Fix for XM25 challenges not registering
  • Added logic to make Terminal count as an original map
  • Fix for players changing a UAV into a second Ballistic Vest pointstreak
  • Fixed Elite Web issue when sending custom classes with attachment proficiency on second primary

PC – Patch 1.15

  • Valve Anti-Cheat fix to prevent VAC banned players from accessing MW3 MP servers
  • Support for Terminal to autodownload as part of the patch
  • Update to Face Off spawn logic
  • Weapon balance changes for Assault Rifles & SMGs
  • Adding all previous hot fixes

Source: Call Of Duty Forums

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