New Japanese IP ‘Puppeteer’ Impresses On PS3 [TRAILER]

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The second new title for the PS3 unveiled during Sony’s Gamescom conference today was an interesting looking platformer called Puppeteer. Designed by Sony’s Japanese development team it appears to merge the satisfying platforming of games like Mario and Little Big Planet with a design look that resembles a puppet theatre and it looks absolutely gorgeous as we’re sure you will agree.

The visual hook for the game is that the surroundings don’t actually scroll as in every platform game since the early 8 bit days. Instead the ‘theater’ changes scenery and props around you to keep everything moving, something that makes the game look utterly unique. You control a character called Kutaro who wields a massive pair of scissors, all the better to chop up some baddies that happen to be made of card.

Key Features

Dynamic Changing Interactive Backgrounds

A huge variety of backgrounds that are continually changing, taking you on a journey of discovery that will surprise and thrill.

Scissor Action

Wielding a pair of magical scissors, Kutaro cuts and crops his way through the adventure.

Puppet Action

The unique ability to change your head anytime you choose. Lose your head and you lose a life. Use your head and discover that you have the ability to change the world.

Seamless Storytelling Using Theatrical Techniques

Audience, lights, sets, music and narration all combine to create a mesmerizing, unique storytelling experience.

Featuring varied worlds and interesting bosses, Puppeteer seems to blend the old with the new and should definitely be one to look out for in 2013. Hopefully we will be bringing you more on it soon, but in the meantime enjoy the trailer.

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