Minecraft Now Selling Over 17,000 Copies A Day On Xbox Live

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Mojang’s Carl Manneh has revealed that Minecraft is selling an astounding 17,000 copies per day on Xbox 360. According to it24, Mojang claims that as a result of steady sales across all platforms that they are on track to more than double its profits from last year. In 2011 the developer reported profits of more than £5.6m, with revenues totalling £52m. Markus Persson’s own company Notch Development took £40m of last year’s revenues, though it appears that Mojang will receive a higher percentage this time around after the Minecraft creator stepped away from leading development on the indie hit.
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“Our profits will more than double. Markus’ company will also make more money, though perhaps not as high a percentage as Mojang.”

On Xbox 360, Minecraft has already surpassed the 3 million download mark pulling in over $60 million for the Swedish developer from XBLA sales alone. Not sure if Minecraft will ever make it to PS3 but if it does, then prepare for an even bigger sales bump. I’m not sure how long the Minecraft craze will last or how big it will get, but for now it seems to be working out well for all parties involved.

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