Modern Warfare 3 September Elite Drop Screenshots Leaked? [RUMOR]‏

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We have come a long way since the start of the Modern Warfare 3 content season, with many maps, modes and missions released, many gamers have had a lot to dig into. Along the way however, some content from the calendar leaked itself onto the web before it was intended to, giving everyone an early look at what was to come. It seems Activision still hasn’t clogged those leaks, as images have surfaced online which apparently show the Call of Duty: Elite DLC drops for September.

I’m not going down there!!

The leak hit the web courtesy of YouTuber GameCheat13, making sure you remember his name smacking it with big letters in the middle of every photo, no better advertising I must say. The screenshots released show the three Modern Warfare 3 killing grounds, all rumored to be full-sized multiplayer maps and not the miniature face-off maps Activision have released. The rumored map names and description can be viewed below:

  • Boardwalk – Set in a Jersey shore amusement park and appears to be a fairly narrow map that twists in and out of buildings along an elevated main path.
  • Gulch – Takes place at an abandoned Utah mine and is a more open map with plenty of room to flank your opponents.
  • Parish – Goes down to the Big Easy where New Orléans is under assault on what looks to be a small to medium-sized map centered around a Catholic church that focuses on close quarters encounters.

We are expected to see two new Special-Ops Missions included in August’s content drops, along with a classified drop that is rumored to be a brand new game mode. Until information flourishes about next month’s DLC, take a look at the leaked screenshots for the not yet announced September Elite content. There was also a leaked video with gameplay from the map “Parish” which looked very legitimate before it was removed from YouTube, so we unfortunately can’t show you that.

Another Leak for Modern Warfare 3, another day for you to share your thoughts on the rumored maps for September’s Elite content, make sure to let us know them in the comment section below.

Source: GameCheat13
Via: Examiner

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