Madden NFL 13 Top 10 QB’s, Did Your Favorite QB Make The List?

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And so it begins. Today, the good folks at EA Sports along with a little help from Marshall Faulk revealed the Top 10 QB’s in Madden NFL 13 and I’m sure the list will be controversial.

The full list is below and you can also check out the video to listen to Marshall give some unique analysis about each guy.

  1. Aaron Rodgers -99
  2. Tom Brady -98
  3. Drew Brees -98
  4. Eli Manning -97
  5. Ben Roethlisberger -95
  6. Peyton Manning -93
  7. Phillip Rivers -92
  8. Matthew Stafford -91
  9. Tony Romo -90
  10. Michael Vick -89

So there you have it folks, what do you think? At first glance I don’t have a problem with the list but upon further examination I did find issue. My big issue comes with the top three, if you had to rate them I would say that they all could have been rated 99, but if only one could be I would have chosen Drew Brees over Aaron Rodgers. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rodgers but with the kind of year Brees had last year I just don’t see how you can call him anything else than the best QB in the league right now. Rodgers and Brady are of course right there, but Brees broke a record last season that some folks were beginning to believe might never be broken.

Besides that, I have a slight problem with Romo being rated higher than Vick, even if only by a point. Romo has played some great games and while Vick slid a little last season I would still take him over Romo, Vick can be erratic but not as erratic as Romo. Romo’s sheer likelihood to lose you the game on a boneheaded play should give Vick the edge.

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