The iPhone 5 Finally Emerges With Definitive Pictures … It Seems

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It seems that all signs are pointing to a September/October launch for the iPhone 5. And if this is believed to be true, Foxconn would likely have already started or will soon start mass producing the iPhone 5. Now we do know how well the wraps are kept on Apple products at Foxconn, so I guess it’s easily understood how the final design for the device could have already made its’ way to accessory manufacturers, and when that happens, it’s almost inevitable that pictures of the iPhone 5 will begin making their way onto the internet for us all to drool over.

Now we can’t say for sure if this is the iPhone 5 or if this is how the device will look, but we can see how it lines up with most rumors. As seen below, the device has a taller screen (and new aspect ratio), a bottom mounted headphone jack, and a smaller dock connector (19-pin dock port). Have a look!

Unfortunately, credence for this truly being an actual device is almost completely shot down when you take a look at the battery indicator. It appears that device is charging, but there isn’t any type of charger attached to the device. Now of course this could be some new feature for the iPhone 5 (wireless charging), but we highly doubt it in this instance. However, this could be a replica model that manufacturers are using to accurately build accessories.

So what do you think? Are the changes enough? The iPhone 5 is still rumored to launch with 4G LTE, near field communication (NFC), a 4-inch display, a smaller 19-pin dock port, and a thinner case design. Will this be enough for you to upgrade or make a switch? Let us know!

Via [BGR]

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