Samsung’s First North American Retail Store Looks Very Familiar [VIDEO]

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Apple Samsung has revealed plans for their first North American retail store, which will open in Canada. While many will admire the design and floor plan of the Samsung Store, there will be others who cry foul. Why? Well, the Samsung Store looks very similar to the Apple Store. As one report notes, “it’s an unabashed ripoff. From the minimalist design, to the floor plan, to the layout of devices, to the walls full of accessories, to the store reps roaming around in bright blue shirts… it’s uncanny.”

Now of course we can’t say for sure Samsung wanted their stores to look like Apple’s retail stores, but the similarities are alarming. Apple has already shown their willingness to file suits with anything that similar to their products, so you have to wonder if they will try to find some loophole that will allow them to go after Samsung for some type of brick/mortar/layout/wall/attire patent (Don’t put it pass them).

But wasn’t it Steve Jobs who quoted Pablo Picasso? Something like, “Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal”. Followed by his own statement of, “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” Looks like Samsung is a shameless Great Artist!

Check out the video below of the store and let us know what you think!

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