Meet Ouya, The $99 Game Console: Great Price, But Would You Buy It?

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Who said the barriers to entry in the console market were too high? If a new startup has their way then the gaming landscape could be very different a few years from now. The Ouya is an Android based game console that it scheduled to launch next year at the very affordable price of $99. The platform would be open to any developer that wanted to publish a game with one caveat. At least some portion of every game has to be free, either through a demo or a free-to-play structure. The console would support other Android apps, such as TwitchTV, which would come included.

While the group has already secured private funding, the company has started a Kickstarter project asking for an additional $950,000. That sounds steep but people are definitely getting behind this idea as they managed to raise $75K in just one hour and have already smashed their initial goal by raising a whooping $3.5 million dollars as of the writing of this post. That number continues to climb rapidly at a pace that could see them breaking Kicstarter’s all-time record of $10 million set by the Pebble watch. At this point, no games have been confirmed for the proposed platform but several developers have praised the new device including Mojang, the developer behind Minecraft, Brian Fargo of inXile Entertainment, and Jenova Chen of thatgamecompany.

The company says that while they love console gaming, they have watched the market push developers away and more toward mobile gaming.  In comes Ouya as their answer to that situation, a way to making games less expensive to make and buy.

But what does this thing have under the hood? Funny you should ask because they have shared the current hardware specs and they will be met with mixed reviews. The thing to keep in mind is that at $99 they aren’t trying to compete with the full PS3/Xbox 360 gaming experience but they think they can give you higher quality experiences than what currently exist in the mobile/browser space.

Below are the current hardware specs.


● Tegra 3 — Quad-core processor


● 8 GB on-board flash

● HDMI connection to the TV at 1080p HD

● WiFi 802.11bgn

● Bluetooth LE 4.0

● Enclosure opens with standard screws


● Wireless controller with 2.4Ghz RF

● Standard game controls (two analog sticks, d-pad, eight action buttons, a system button)

● Touchpad, for porting mobile games more easily

● 2x AA batteries

● Enclosure opens with standard screws

OS and software

● Android 4.0

● Custom TV UI

●Integrated custom game store — find and download games (and other apps)

● Includes SDK for game development

● Ability to root device without voiding warranty

So there you have it folks, The Ouya. We are dying to know what everyone thinks of this? Do you think there is room in your gaming life and more importantly your living room for a console like this? Do you think that Microsoft and Sony has anything to be worried about? Hit up the comments and let us know.

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