High Moon And Marvel Collaborate For ‘Hit Monkey’

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When buying the latest action title from your local gaming retailer, we see the usual man versus army games fill the shelves, where the hero takes on the world and wins most of the time in a blaze of glory. Though these titles are exciting, playing them can become stale, so why not replace that everyday hero with a monkey, a highly skilled assassin monkey. Developer High Moon Studios and comic kings Marvel will team up to bring the masses Hit Monkey, based on the popular Marvel comic series.

Hit Monkey Teaser 1

Just a bucket load of awesome!

Details about Hit Monkey have been scarce, but a teaser image (seen above) and a 2013 release date have been confirmed. The Marvel comic series tells the story of a Japanese Macaque that learns the assassin’s trade by observing a human hitman, really brings the saying “monkey see, monkey do” into context. High Moon Studios who are known for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, will develop the title and will bring the same level of storytelling from the comic into the game.

Activision will be covering publishing duties according to the teaser site hitmonkey.com(which isn’t loading for us at this time). It’s early to make assumptions about what the game will offer, but having control of a gun-wielding monkey already has me sold, think I might start saving up now! What about you, do you like what Hit Monkey has to offer? Let us know in the comment section below!

Via: GameInformer

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