Modern Warfare 3 Will Receive Three Content Drops Monthly Until Season Concludes

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If you bought into Call of Duty: Elite, maybe you have followed the Content Schedule like a hawk waiting for any information on the next bit of downloadable content to be released. Now you can at least know how much content you will be receiving monthly, with the Content Calender getting updated to show gamers how the season of content will close. Gamers will receive three content drops for Modern Warfare 3, per month leading up to the season finish, starting with the  Xbox 360 this July and August for the PlayStation 3.


Before the schedule received the update, it showed only seven content drops for the last three months of expected DLC, but with the revamp, an extra two pieces of content have been included, bringing the full amount of DLC from twenty-two drops to twenty-four drops. The remaining DLC will include multiplayer maps, Spec Ops missions and classified content.

Here is what the schedule previously showed:

  • July: Two Maps
  • August: One Map, One Mission, One Classified
  • September: One Map, One Mission

Here is what you will be expecting now:

  • July: Two Multiplayer Maps, One Spec Ops Mission
  • August: Two Spec Ops Missions, One Classified
  • September: Three Multiplayer Maps

There is still a lot of content on the way for Call of Duty gamers and with classic Modern Warfare 2 map ‘Terminal’ making its way to Xbox Elite user’s on July 17th for free, it just adds more to the massive amount of DLC released for the game. With content for this month not yet released for Xbox Elite users, the two multiplayer maps and Spec Ops mission promised might release along with the free map on July 17th, we just have to wait and see.

As always, PlayStation 3 Elite users have to wait at least thirty days for the content to release on their platforms, so expect content sometime in August. Are you looking forward to the upcoming DLC content for Modern Warfare 3? Let is know in the comment section below.

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