Call Of Duty Elite iOS/Android App Update Released

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More news from the world of Call of Duty people, so grab a chair and gather around. For those who like to check their statistics and change their load out while they’re out and about, Beachhead Studios has released a new update for the Call of Duty Elite iOS/Android app. And yes, it comes with many new changes.

The full list of changes are:

  • Support for additional Prestige Levels 11-20
  • Personal Weapon Stats: Check out your K/D Ratio, Accuracy, and Headshots per weapon in the Custom Class Editor
  • Challenge Descriptions: Additional info for the victory conditions of each Challenge
  • Updated Visual Style
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements

So there you have it. It’s refreshing to know Beachhead Studios is making sure every aspect of Elite is getting looked after. That’s what’s great about the stat-tracking platform, it’s not a get what you get and that’s it product. It can be added to and brought to a higher level again and again. I know I’m happy with the update, especially in a world where not having a smart phone is like not having pants on!

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