Gears Of War 3 Gets Double XP Event To Celebrate 4th Of July

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Gears of War 3 fans looking to level up a little bit quicker are in luck, Epic Games is giving gamers a Double XP event to celebrate US Independence Day, which is umm … today! The Double XP goodness will play across Versus, Beast, and Horde mode, with no end date being put forward by Epic Games, but it is happening as of right now. That’s not all, there will also be a “Top Wingman” playlist with alpha rules included, it’s what our forefathers would have wanted, right?


So what does the Top Wingman playlist offer? The game mode will give you the option to pick special weapon skins – per 5 starting weapons, all based on the Top Gun theme. If you cant remember what Top Gun is, it’s a film which starred Tom Cruise as a kick ass American jet pilot and symbolizes patriotism down to a tee.

Here is the full list of weapon skins available during the Double XP event:

  • Maverick – Lancer
  • Viper – Retro Lancer
  • Goose – Hammerburst
  • Iceman – Gnasher
  • Jester – Sawed Off

I doubt there any better way to celebrate the 4th of July, let us know in the comments if you’re taking advantage of the Double XP event.

Via: MP1st

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