7 Full Days Of Double XP For Battlefield 3 Premium Subscribers, Two And A Half Days For Everyone Else

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Battlefield Premium subscribers only just finished raking in the virtual candy that is experience points recently, with the first Premium exclusive Double XP event taking place between June 23-24. Well now Battlefield 3 Premium members will be thrust back into another Double XP marathon, with DICE announcing through Battlelog, “Premium members will get double XP for an entire week”. Don’t worry non-premium members, you still get some of the Double XP action, but only for two and a half days.


This goes for any map and any mode from the base game or any of their expansion packs, as long as you play on ranked servers. To make sure you’re ready for action which happens July 2-8, check out the details posted on Battlelog:

July Double XP event

  • What: Double your net score after every round
  • Who: All players
  • When: July 2-8 for Premium members, July 2-4 for non-Premium members
  • Starts: 00:01 PDT/07:01 UTC July 2 (click link for handy time conversion tool)
  • Ends for non-Premium members: 13:00 PDT/20:00 UTC July 4
  • Ends for Premium members: 23:59 PDT July 8/06:59 UTC July 9

Battlefield fans will be more than merrier with another Double XP event so soon, they will take whatever they can to keep them occupied until the ‘Armored Kill‘ expansion pack rolls out for Battlefield 3 this coming September, Hooah! Will you be taking advantage of the Double XP event? Let us know in the comments section below.

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