New Halo 4 Details Leak Out, Multiplayer Maps, Weapons, And Much More

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Despite most of the hottest games being delayed into March 2013 (damn that will be an expensive month…) there are still a few AAA games that are due for release this Holiday season, perhaps the most anticipated of which is Halo 4. The E3 demo certainly looked impressive with an almost Metroid look to it and some interesting new enemies, but information on the Microsoft ExpertZone webpage seems to have leaked some further information that should wet your appetite.

• 10 new weapons; Light rifle: Forerunner weapon carried by Promethean Knights, Scattershot: Forerunner weapon, used for close-range combat

• 2 new vehicles

• 10 Multiplayer maps, more maps coming in DLC

• 50 Spartan Ops Mission, 5 missions a week with 10 weeks being one season

• Roughly 12 hours of gameplay in single-player or co-op multiplayer

• Career progression lets you earn new weapons and equipment

• Improved matchmaking

• Improved multiplayer to make a more social experience

• Improves support to create organize and track Groups

The Spartan Ops mode in particular sounds very impressive, and sources close to the game have described it as almost an entire second campaign mode, with the first ‘season’ of missions completely free. In the absence of big hitters like Bioshock: Infinite, and the continued silence from Rockstar regarding GTA V, will you be picking this up if you’re an Xbox fan, or is that a silly question?

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