Battlefield 3 ‘Close Quarters’ Available To All PS3 Gamers

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All PlayStation 3 gamers who decided to pass on buying Battlefield Premium can now avail of the second offering of downloadable content  ‘Close Quarters’ one week ahead of Xbox 360 and PC gamers. The batch of new content consists of four new infantry-oriented maps for you to kick ass and take names on, think Call of Duty with Battlefield mechanics.


The expansion pack will look to lunge you into frantic and relentless infantry combat, always throwing you back into action from the spawn:

  • Donya Fortress: This old fort has now turned modern palace, and its strategic placement is undeniable. Donya Fortress is said to be used both as arms storage and training grounds.
  • Operation 925: The map consists of three floors, including an underground car park located in a commercial building in Tehran.
  • Scrap Metal: Set inside and on the rooftops of an abandoned factory, the map features multiple stories and skybridges that separate the flags.
  • Ziba Tower: The map is among the smallest ever made for a Battlefield game with platforms overlooking several courtyard areas, with open staircases and other terraces strewn throughout.

Weapons List:

  1. AUG Assault Rifle
  2. SCAR Assault Rifle
  3. ACW-R Carbine
  4. MTAR-21 Carbine
  5. M417 Sniper Rifle
  6. JNG-90 Sniper Rifle
  7. L86LSW Machine Gun
  8. LSAT Machine Gun
  9. M5K Tactical Machine Pistol
  10. SPAS-12 Shotgun

The DLC will also see new game modes, with the new Conquest Domination and Gun Master modes mixing team play an offering constant action. As for solider content, the ten new weapons seen above make an appearance, along with ten new Assignments to unlock certain weapons. Some bling-bling will also be present, in the shape of five unique dog tags for your enemy to look at after you owned them.

People might be dis-heartened by the sudden claustrophobic feeling Close Quarters gives, we have to wait until September for Armored Kill, which will bring us back to the sprawling maps we have come to love, at least gamers will have a little bit of everything. Close Quarters is available now from the Playstation Store for $14.99 and on June 26th on Xbox live (1200 MS points) and PC ($14.99).

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