Report, Microsoft Surface Tablets To Costs At Least $600 … Really, Are We Trying To Fail?

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According to sources of Digitimes, the Microsoft Windows RT Surface tablet will launch for at least $599, and the Microsoft Windows 8 Pro Surface tablet will launch for at least $799. As pointed out by BGR, if true, and we’re almost praying it’s not, this would place the Windows RT Surface tablet at a minimum $100 more expensive than Apple’s cheapest iPad, and $300 more expensive than the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Additionally, the sources pointed out that, “the industrial design of Microsoft’s Surface tablet PCs should attract consumers in the enterprise market, but their high prices are expected to become the biggest obstacle in the market.” And further stating that “Since Microsoft is only expected to receive limited profits from its own-brand tablet PC products, while greatly offending its clients, the strategy that Microsoft has taken is rather risky.”

Come on Microsoft! Please do not let this be your entry price point for the Surface tablets. At the least, you have to match Apple’s pricing strategy for the iPad, and at the best you should try to price the Surface tablets at a lesser price. Maybe it’s me, but I can’t see anyone spending that much on either of the Surface tablets.

At the end of it all, this could all be a dirty rumor, and for Micorosoft’s sake, we certainly hope it is.

What are your thoughts? Priced too high, or just right?

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