Battlefield 3 Premium Subscribers Receive Exclusive Double XP Weekend

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The joys of Double XP events, gamers stock up on all supplies needed and huddle into their own little world, hoping to gain that all important experience to unlock what’s next in their virtual armory, it’s almost an art form. If you decided to dish out the cash for Battlefield 3 Premium, then you will be happy to know the first of many exclusive Double XP events is coming your way this weekend.


This will be the first of many scheduled Double XP weekends spread across the rest of the year and will fit in nice with all the upcoming DLC promised through Battlefield 3 Premium. The details for the XP Event were shared to the public via Battlelog:

Premium exclusive Double XP event June 23-24
Who: Exclusive to Premium members only
Formats: All
Servers: Any ranked
Game modes: Any
Maps: Any (Base game, Back to Karkand, and Close Quarters)
What: Double everything
When: See table below

PDT timings (Los Angeles)
Event starts Saturday 23, 07:01
Event ends Monday 25, 06:59

Event start times
Los Angeles – June 23 – 00:01:00
Stockholm – June 23 – 09:01:00
Paris – June 23 – 09:01:00
New York – June 23 – 03:01:00
Tokyo – June 23 – 16:01:00
Moscow – June 23 – 11:01:00

With the recent Double XP weekend only finishing up last night, many might avail of what Battlefield 3 Premium has to offer. If you’re one of those people, the service will cost you $49.99 and will give you a range of features the normal folk don’t have access to, such as, more Double XP events and early access to upcoming DLC.

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