Google+ Versus Facebook, The Comparisons Will Never End

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With Google+ becoming more of a household name, more comparisons to Facebook are being made. The service launch almost a year ago (June 28, 2011), and now has 170 million users. While that’s nowhere near Facebook’s staggering 900 million users, it in no way signifies that Google+ is a failure. For instance, after launch the search giant was adding 10 million users per month – a feat which made the social platform grow faster than any other before.

So on a comparison note, Pardot created an inforgraphic highlighting some of the differences between the two social sites. One of the comparisons that caught my attention was that of average users. For Google+ the average user is a 28 year old male, who is tech savvy and actively posts on the platform, while the average Facebook user is an older 38 year old male, who is less technical, and spends more time “liking” posts.

I won’t steal the thunder of the infographic, so check it out and let us know what you think! Will you agree or disagree! One thing for sure is, the comparisons will never end.

Source [Pardot]

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