Google Maps Or Apple Maps … A Shocking Early Comparison

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Whether you like it or not, when iOS 6 hits this fall, Apple Maps will take the place of Google Maps on the iPhone 4S and other compatible devices. By now you’ve heard all about the features in Apple’s rendition of Maps, and Google Maps – well you know what it’s about already. However, the question that will be asked up until launch is, “Which Maps app is better?”

Fortunately, Gizmodo did a few comparisons on both Maps, and while many may have high hopes for what Apple has to offer, these pictures may say something to the contrary. Check them out below and let us know what you think (Google Maps is on the left, Apple Maps is on the right).

MAP VIEW – “Apple’s maps look wonderful. Crisp, clean, paper-like, even, but… right now they’re completely devoid of useful information.” Google Maps gives you more information in terms of street names, street directions, subway stops, emphasis on major streets and so on.” Gizmodo

MAP VIEW“Pretty is great to look at; informative is better to use.” Gizmodo

TRAFFICWe think this is fairly obvious … However, Apple does not have any real user data yet.

DIRECTIONSApple wins here since Google never offered turn-by-turn navigation for iOS. However, as stated by just about everyone, Apple needs to get Public Transportation on here before it even launches.

SATELLITE VIEW “Google Maps just currently has more information at every level.” 

STREET VIEWDoes Apple even have a competitor for Street View? Definitely not Flyover

At the end of the day, we can’t expect Apple Maps to be what Google Maps is. Then again, maybe we should. Especially if it’s replacing the application altogether. As always, we’ll be looking forward to any improvements Apple gets in before the App is released, as well as those post release. For more information, check out the source link below.

Source [Gizmodo]

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