NCAA Football 13 Top 25 Is Out, But Do You Agree?

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Thanks to some dedicated folks at E3, we now have the Top 25 rankings for NCAA Football 13 as seen on the show floor at E3. As expected, powerhouse and National Champ Alabama is sitting pretty at #1. From there it gets interesting with both Arkansas and Michigan making the top 10, they are both solid but I don’t think either will be THAT good this year. After that though I don’t see any huge WTF, but a number of the rankings could definitely be argued. Anyway, check them out for yourself and then hit up the comments and let us know what you think. Did your team make the Top 25? Are they too high or too low? Personally, I’m a Georgia Bulldog fan myself and while I’m glad they are ranked #6, I think that’s a bit high for them considering some of the meltdowns they’ve had in recent years.


1 – Alabama

2 – USC

3 – LSU

4 – Oregon

5 – Oklahoma

6 – Georgia

7 – Arkansas

8 – Florida State

9 – Michigan

10 – West Virginia

11 – South Carolina

12 – Michigan State

13 – Kansas State

14 – Clemson

15 – Virginia Tech

16 – Wisconsin

17 – TCU

18 – Ohio State

19 – Nebraska

20 – Stanford

21 – Boise State

22 – Texas

23 – Oklahoma State

24 – Notre Dame

25 – Florida

Source: PastaPadre

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