XBLA Review: Trials Evolution

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Trials HD was one of the most popular games released on Xbox Live with over 2 million sales so a sequel was inevitable. Three years later sees Trials Evolution racing its way onto the Xbox 360 and I have to say that it is well worth the wait and is arguably going to be one of the best games that you could download from the Xbox Marketplace this year.

Just an average day on the bike...

Trials Evolution is a game that allows you to control a motorcycle and its rider as you navigate through a variety of differing courses with the aim of finishing the track in the quickest time with the least number of faults (crashing the bike) possible. One great selling point of the game is its replay value as you will play levels over and over  in order to improve your time.  RedLynx has also made the difficulty curve a bit more balanced so the levels get gradually harder as you progress instead of sharply rising like in Trials HD.

The single player mode is the main part of Trials Evolution and you play tiers of levels that are sorted by their difficulty with license tests interspersed between the tiers. These license tests serve as a way of training you in new skills that are vital for upcoming levels. New bikes are also unlocked as you advance, which you can customize in your garage though improvements are limited to aesthetics and nothing else. You unlock other things like money and medals as you advance but the money can only buy you new rider clothing and seems to be a bit of an afterthought by RedLynx.

Some levels are just a joy to play and have infinite replay value

There are more environments this time around as you race through canyons and woodland areas in comparison with the constant indoor warehouse that you were racing through in Trials HD. The variety in the levels is great and RedLynx has done a brilliant job in creating a set of levels that you will enjoy playing through time and time again. One thing that could have been done better is the soundtrack with some awful generic rap-rock which was swiftly muted by myself.

Trials Evolution lets players get in on the act where creating levels is concerned.  Players have been given the exact same editor that the developer used to create the game.  A “Lite” and a “Pro” editor can be utilized with the resulting levels being made available for download by other players all over the world who can then rate your track. The promise of what is essentially an unlimited supply of levels is simply mind blowing and will keep you playing long after the single player campaign has been completed and played to death.

The editor is time consuming but the end result is often worth it

Multiplayer makes an appearance in the game with players being able to compete either online via Xbox Live or locally. You can race either on supercross tracks (4 riders on a simple high-speed track) or on the normal trials tracks in a race to the finish against your friends. This mode is OK but loses its appeal quickly with the levels becoming very repetitive although the user-made content helps improve this.


Trials Evolution improved on the foundation that was laid down by Trials HD with a large variety of levels, better environments, and a better difficulty curve that makes the game more accessible to the average player. The track sharing and multiplayer help increase the life and appeal of the game as well as giving it more of a community feel in a similar way to LittleBigPlanet. This is a fantastic game and I give it a 9 out of 10.

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