Nintendo’s E3 Conference Unveils Nintendo Land

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Many times when a new piece of hardware is being shown off, developers create interesting tech demos to show people what is different about it, and to imagine how it will play. Not all of these game ideas eventually become fully fledged releases though, so what happens to them? In Nintendo’s case they are turned into a game called Nintendo Land.

Designed around the idea that every Nintendo character gets somehow involved in a theme park, Nintendo Land mashes together the concept of the Wiiverse shown earlier this week, and various multiplayer and single player mini games all based around Nintendo franchises.

12 games in all will feature in the finished game and will cover everything from Donkey Kong to Metroid. A lot of the mini-games use the idea of asynchronous multiplayer that Nintendo has been talking so much about, allowing people to play together using different controllers and having different experiences, with perhaps the player using the gamepad chasing down gamers using Wii remotes.

5 of the attractions will be playable at E3, with the remaining 7 to be shown off at a later date, so far we know about the following:

Donkey Kong’s Crash Course – A single player game using the tilt sensor of the gamepad to move a trolley through an obstacle course inspired by the original Donkey Kong arcade game.

Luigi’s Ghost Mansion – A multiplayer experience derived from the ‘Find Mii’ demo shown at last years E3. Players work together to take down an invisible ghost controlled by the player with the gamepad.

Animal Crossing: Sweet Day – Similar to the last game but more fast-paced, the gamepad player controls two guards using the thumbsticks who have to try and catch the other players who are working to collect candy.

The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest – Another multiplayer game, but this time co-operative as the gamepad player controls an archer whilst the other gamers work with their swords to take down baddies.

Takamaru’s Ninja Castle – This is essentially a version of the ninja star throwing demo seen so much in the Wii U publicity videos. Based on an obscure NES game apparently.

Nintendo are keen to sell Nintendo Land as a way to learn all about how to use the different functions of the Wii U gamepad. They have said the game will be available at launch although it really wouldn’t surprise me if they bundle it in with the machine as this generations equivalent of Wii Sports.

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