Next Battlefield 3 Update Scheduled To Go Live June 4-5, Let’s Make It ‘Even Better’

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For you loyal Battlefield 3 gamers, get ready for a huge update which is set to make gameplay for the title “even better”. As noted on their official blog, “the period between the last update and this upcoming one has been spent listening to our community, tweaking parameters, balancing performance, and eliminating issues that we have found with your help.”

Specifically, here is an overview of parts of the game that will be addressed in this update:

  • M26 dart situation resolved
  • Somewhat reduced suppression effect
  • Adding symbol for custom server rules (console)
  • Colorblind support (console)
  • Improved VTOL fighter jet (F35) performance
  • Vehicle related changes
  • Soldier and gadget related changes
  • Weapons related changes
  • Miscellaneous changes

And don’t worry about waiting long for this update, as it’s scheduled to roll out on June 4th and June 5th.

  • PC and Xbox 360 worldwide: June 4th
  • PlayStation 3 in Japan/Asia: June 5th
  • PlayStation 3 in all other regions: June 4th

For more information, check out the source link below, where you’ll find more specifics on each area that is addressed. Be sure to stop back by and let us know how good or bad it all goes for you.


Source [Battlefield Official Blog]

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