Saints Row 4 Will Have “An Even Broader Appeal” Says Bilson

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Saints Row 3 turned out to be the gem for THQ, the game has shipped in the range of 4 million copies since release, a lot more than its predecessor. Like any company that produces a gaming hit, you try to build onto the next installment of the series. That seems to be the case as Former THQ executive Danny Bilson revealed to EuroGamer, that Saints Row 4 will have “an even broader appeal” than Saints Row 3.


In one of his last interviews as head of THQ core games, Bilson talked more about the direction Saints Row 4 is taking and how everyone will see the series in a new light:

There’s a lot of new characters and new points of view in the game. I can’t say much or I’ll get killed. But I actually think it’ll have an even broader appeal than the last one, based on the content. I’m sure we’re a year away from really talking about it, probably.

But being involved with it, I love what they’re doing with 4. It expands the appeal of the game. It has all the stuff you love, plus more stuff you’ve never seen in any game. Well, we kind of do that with Saints Row, right?

Every sequel has got to be better than the one before and have more value and more fun. The team is working really hard towards that right now very diligently.

Developer Volition was open to developing a fourth game if sales for Saints Row 3 exceeded expectations, which they did, so expect them to helm the project, but Bilson also stated that Saints Row 4 is still a long way off and THQ will probably not mention the title until next year.

To keep those minds occupied then, Saints Row 3 will see a standalone expansion pack, “Enter The Dominatrix” released in or around Autumn. THQ confirms that the game will retail for $29.99, with more information promised this summer. Keep your eyes open for this one.

Via: VG247

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