NCAA Football 13 Feature Playbook #4 “Heisman Challenge” [TRAILER]

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The fourth EA SPORTS NCAA Football 13 feature playbook, “Heisman Challenge”, has been released. For the first time in franchise history, familiar faces of years past are now on the field in NCAA Football 13, where fans can build a national powerhouse by placing one of 10 former Heisman Trophy winners on the team of their choice for the upcoming NCAA season. Under center, in the backfield, or split wide, utilize a legend’s skill set in the quest to win the Heisman Trophy. Video interviews with each Heisman Trophy winner will be unlocked throughout the season, detailing the achievements of their glory days. In addition, fans can truly test themselves by matching their Heisman Legend’s historical performance in one season, which will not only win the Heisman Trophy, but also unlock each player in Road to Glory.

So here’s my thing, I think this mode will be pretty slick but did we really need it? Honestly, I would prefer they take a year and not add any new modes and just put all their effort into improving and expanding modes like Dynasty Mode and Road To Glory. They have made some decent changes to both of those modes this year but imagine how much more they could have done if they didn’t put in the Heisman Challenge. I’m all for new modes, but you can’t forget what got you there and the core Dynasty mode is what keeps the majority of players coming back every year. Personally, if they made “substantial” updates to Dynasty and Online and didn’t do really anything else I would be just as happy but that’s me.


The new Reaction Time feature allows players to experience what it’s like on the field as a true Heisman Trophy-caliber athlete. Reaction Time literally slows down the action, allowing users to look for openings in defenses and perform skill moves to get into the open field, before smoothly transitioning back to regular speed. Gameplay has also been enhanced to include special teams and an updated playcall system.

Heisman Legends include:

Marcus Allen – 1981 Heisman Trophy recipient, University of Southern California

Doug Flutie – 1984 Heisman Trophy recipient, Boston College

Eddie George – 1995 Heisman Trophy recipient, Ohio State University

Robert Griffin III – 2011 Heisman Trophy recipient, Baylor University

Desmond Howard – 1991 Heisman Trophy recipient, University of Michigan

Carson Palmer – 2002 Heisman Trophy recipient, University of Southern California

Barry Sanders – 1988 Heisman Trophy recipient, Oklahoma State University

Charlie Ward – 1993 Heisman Trophy recipient, Florida State University

Andre Ware – 1989 Heisman Trophy recipient, University of Houston

Herschel Walker – 1982 Heisman Trophy recipient, University of Georgia

The following DLC Heisman Legends are also available:

* Tim Brown – 1987 Heisman Trophy recipient, Notre Dame

* Archie Griffin – 1974 and 1975 Heisman Trophy recipient, Ohio State University

* Jim Plunkett – 1970 Heisman Trophy recipient, Stanford University

** Mark Ingram – 2009 Heisman Trophy recipient, University of Alabama

** Matt Leinart – 2004 Heisman Trophy recipient, University of Southern California

** Tim Tebow – 2007 Heisman Trophy recipient, University of Florida

* Available through the NCAA Football 13 demo download.

** Available through NCAA Football 13 pre-order from GameStop

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