Xbox 360 Reaches 67 Million Console Sold And Claims 47% Market Share

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The ever popular Xbox 360 has sold more the 67 million consoles worldwide since its release 7 years ago, according to Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Division marketing chief Yusuf Mehdi. Along with that, the Xbox 360 accounts for 47 percent of the current-generation console market and still seems to be on the rise.

xbox3601 213x300Microsoft also revealed that the 360 has generated more than $56 billion at retail since it’s release, plenty of pocket-money for the publisher. The Kinect has also performed well for the console, selling around 19 million units to date, which exceeded many expectations, with the Wii and PlayStation Move to compete with.

However, the numbers don’t seem to add up, with Sony most recent financial report, they sold in the range of 64 million PlayStation 3 consoles since its release. Now I consider myself to be alright at math, but with Nintendo outselling both the PS3 and Xbox 360 in hardware sales, 47% of the current console market (Yes the Wii counts) is a bit of a push.

Nevertheless life rallies on and marketing chief Mehdi explained what to expect for the Xbox at E3 on Microsoft’s Official Blog:

“With 47 percent share of the current-generation console market, we are hitting our stride largely as a result of the success of Kinect for Xbox 360 (19 million sold) and the flood of new entertainment options through Xbox LIVE (40 million members).”

Expect a lot of Kinect related reveals at E3 next week, with the large amount of sales coming from the motion controlled system, Microsoft will look to take advantage of it. Make sure to also look out for the usual blockbuster titles that will be making its way to Microsoft’s pride and joy.

Via: VG247

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