Get Ready To Level Your Warlord In Pokemon Conquest

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If you are keeping tabs on the new interesting crossover Pokemon Conquest  then you already knew that you would be a warrior or warlord with a Pokemon companion. What you might not have known was that not only does your Pokemon evolve but your character does as well, especially if you link your Pokemon accordingly. There are 3 levels of linking you can achieve and that will have affect on your character (only warlords can evolve) and your Pokemon. Links can be of three grades: Bronze, Silver and Gold. A medal over a particular Pokémon indicates which link level can be achieved. For example, performing a Gold medal link could potentially result in the formation of a perfect 100% link. The higher a link percentage, the more powerful the Pokémon becomes as a result of the link. Don’t worry though, Eevee still has to use a stone to evolve into certain Pokemon.

Warriors and Warlords level differently and each gain new skills and attires and the better the link the better the Pokemon. So building a good link with your Pokemon will be essential to enjoying the game.

Nintendo has announced that passwords will be released for outbreaks of Pokemon along with extra episodes via WiFi. The game will release June 18 2012.

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