Is Ubisoft Planning An Assassin’s Creed MMO?

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In what seems to be a recent trend, Assassin’s Creed could be adding an MMO to its roster. From a Facebook game to blockbuster titles for PS3/Xbox, the story of the Assassins vs Templars has already graced many platforms. So are you ready to take that battle online in a PvP MMO?

assassins-creed-revelations-may-4A recent job listing for Massive Entertainment, an Ubisoft subsidiary, was looking for a PVP game designer for an upcoming project. The skills they were requiring lead us to believe this points at Assassin’s Creed MMO.┬áThe job listing asked for experience in at least 1 AAA title, competitive multiplayer and developing third-person action games.

Fans of the series are obviously asking the questions when and where would the game take place? Would there be factions, characters we know and love ? While I ask the same and wait curiously for an answer, the fact is we do not know much at this point. We don’t even know if the franchise in question is indeed Assassin’s Creed but it seems a lot of signs point that way.

What would you play as in the Assassin’s Creed MMO? Assassin or Templar? Let us know in the comments below!

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