Jury Finds That Google Did Not Infringe On Oracle Patents

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In what is clearly a huge victory for Google, the jury in the Oracle versus Google case has found that the search giant did not infringe on Oracle patents with its’ Android operating system. According to the report, “Jurors have been dismissed and Judge William Aslup of the U.S. District court of Northern California exonerated the Internet giant of any wrong doing.”

In statements from both companies:

Oracle states,

Oracle presented overwhelming evidence at trial that Google knew it would fragment and damage Java. We plan to continue to defend and uphold Java’s core write once run anywhere principle and ensure it is protected for the nine million Java developers and the community that depend on Java compatibility.

Google states,

Today’s jury verdict that Android does not infringe Oracle’s patents was a victory not just for Google but the entire Android ecosystem.

So there you have it folks! For more information, check out the link below. BTW, are you happy about this announcement? Let us know!

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