Grand Theft Auto 5 Vehicle List Found By Gamers On Max Payne 3 Disc?

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A member of the popular GTA forums  recently posted what very well could be the vehicle list for upcoming Rockstar Games title, Grand Theft Auto 5. It appears some die-hard GTA fans went snooping around the code of newly released shooter Max Payne 3, finding the file titled “vehicles.ide”, within the source code.

This however is not the first time information regarding Grand Theft Auto has shown up in the code of other games. Red Dead Redemption and Bully have also contained information regarding past GTA vehicles in their code.

The file lists a range of vehicles gamers might be getting their hands on come release, with cars, boats, motorbikes, one plane and for the first time ever, trains make an appearance. Given the names of the certain vehicles below are the same from previous GTA games, with the likes of the “Infernus” and “Bobcat” making the list, many see it as legit. As always though, until it’s official, it’s better to take it with a pinch of salt.

ZZcool, the forum member who posted the code, later posted an apology to Rockstar Games about leaking the information, it read:

I am sorry for leaking this i never realized how big this was i was just eager to show this too eager i wanted to make a vid of it but i am not going to do that no matter what i get out of it please accept my personal apology.

The full list of vehicles can be viewed below:


  • apc
  • bobsleigh
  • benson
  • biff
  • bobcat
  • boxville
  • buccaneer
  • burrito
  • brzbus
  • casco
  • cadge
  • car_brzhatchplc
  • car_brzsedanplc
  • car_brzhatchjnk
  • car_brzsedanjnk
  • carga
  • cavalcade
  • cognoscenti
  • cs2000
  • chavos
  • dukes
  • dune
  • feroci
  • forklift
  • futo
  • furzen
  • fxt
  • gant
  • hauler
  • minivan
  • infernus
  • patriot
  • phantom
  • prairie
  • police
  • rancher
  • rhino
  • schafter
  • seinove
  • skimobile
  • taxi
  • vanpony
  • willard
  • winky
  • trash
  • railmu
  • flatty
  • snowplough


  • enduro
  • jz125
  • z75
  • faggio2
  • spike


  • autogiro
  • bchopper
  • annihilator
  • bentham
  • maverick
  • hind
  • napalm
  • scamp
  • heli_vcpf
  • heli_tfe


  • cuban800


  • squalo
  • bassboy
  • chika
  • fisher
  • fishboat_a
  • fishboat_b
  • fishboat_c
  • fishboat_d,
  • marquis
  • reefer
  • tropic
  • gunboat
  • sabs_boat
  • small_gb2
  • dinghy
  • p_mi_botfsh
  • whaler
  • woody
  • woody2
  • sporto
  • tinny
  • tug
  • contbo
  • smug
  • edsboat


  • cablecar
  • chairlift
  • subway_lo
  • subway_hi
  • train_carg
  • trainf_carg
  • trainr_carg
  • train_int
  • lighty

Do you think this is the vehicle list from Grand Theft Auto? Let us know in the comments.

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