The iPhone 5 Should Look Like This At Launch … Really, This Is Magical [Gallery]

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So yeah! You can’t wait for the iPhone 5 to launch, and you wish you knew what was changing in this latest edition of the iPhone. There are rumors and leaked details surfacing about the device every day, and it seems as if we or anyone else can now mentally paint the picture of the iPhone 5. I don’t know how good we would be at that, but I can tell you this – Jon Fawcett is amazing at it. His concept pictures take the “LiquidMetal” and larger screen rumors to the level Apple should – perfection.

According to Mashable’s report, Fawcett’s concept rendition goes like this,

Measuring at 4.14″ x 2.25″, Fawcett’s concept phone is just 7mm thick and has a 4-inch widescreen multitouch display. The phone has a 10-megapixel rear-facing camera, 5-megapixel forward-facing cam for video chatting, and quad speakers for listening to tunes or watching videos in both portrait and landscape mode.

Now of course this is in no way what Apple has planned for the iPhone 5 – at least we don’t think they do. This concept is based solely on rumors that have surfaced. That said, would you want the iPhone 5 to look like this? Is this the “Apple” that Apple should place in our eye? We certainly think so!

Have a look at the gallery, and let us know what you think! We’re still in awe my friends!

Via [Mashable]

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