NCAA Football 13 Dynasty Details Revealed [VIDEO]

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The third EA SPORTS NCAA Football 13 feature playbook, “Dynasty” has been released and introduces a few notable features to the game mode. Studio Updates and ESPN Bottom Line bring you the stories of Saturday, featuring live studio updates from earlier matchups and games in progress. Kirk Herbstreit, Brad Nessler, Erin Andrews and now Rece Davis of ESPN provide authentic and enhanced commentary on all the action. In addition, recruiting now goes deeper than ever with updates to dynamic pitches. For the first time, recruiting grades can change each week based on your performance in Dynasty mode. That’s really big, now starting off with a smaller school but playing and beating better competition will allow you to make the recruiting improvement that your on the field performance warrants.



Studio Updates will occur dynamically throughout each game, keeping fans up-to-date with scores and news from across the country, just like during game days on ESPN. Rece Davis, the newest addition to the commentary team, will provide players with live updates from the studio throughout each Dynasty game.

The implementation of the ESPN Bottom Line ticker will keep fans up-to-date throughout the NCAA Football 13 Dynasty experience, with a new simulation process that now evaluates games being played in real-time before and during a game. Priority Score Alerts, Final Alerts and Upset Alerts will be displayed just as they do during game day broadcasts.


The new scouting feature provides fans a detailed experience while scouting a new recruiting class. Starting in the pre-season, each coach will have an allotted amount of time to scout players and determine attributes to unlock their overall rating, gaining familiarity and knowledge about their players’ abilities in the regular season.

Recruiting pitches have been updated to include dynamic grades, allowing users to improve their University ratings and sell their school to top prospects through the influence of various actions in Dynasty Mode. Fourteen unique pitches have been created to reflect certain categories in Dynasty and will be updated continuously, including Championship Contender, Coach Prestige, Coach Stability, Conference Prestige, TV Exposure, Pro Potential, Stadium Atmosphere, Playing Style, Program Tradition, Playing Time, Proximity to Home, Academic Prestige, Athletic Facilities and Campus Lifestyle.

New updates have also been made to the following:

  • Enhanced Phone Calls
  • Breaking into the Top 10
  • Triple Threat Athletes

To be quite honest, as a huge fan of the NCAA Football franchise I’m not all that impressed by these updates, there’s nothing really game changing about any of it. There are some nice minor improvements that should have been made a long time ago but I just don’t see any huge changes to one of my favorite game modes. Perhaps they spent more time working on Road To Glory or Heisman mode or something. To me if these are truly the extent of the changes then they have done a real disservice to the game mode that their core fans love the most. I won’t deny that the overall gameplay looks to be much improved but there doesn’t seem to be any big updates to this mode.

But I could be tripping, all my NCAA Football dynasty fanatics hit up the comments and let me know what you think about these “updates”.

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