League Of Legends Season Two World Championships Announced, Millions Of Dollars Up For Grabs

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Where is my I <3 Teemo shirt when I need it!

Riot Game’s League of Legends gathers more viewers at just half a season of the intense game than professional baseball games televised on ESPN and now the extremely talented and dedicated players could pwn their way into a grand prize of $3 million dollars with the entire pool consisting of $5 million.

Riot Games truly supports their game as a sport and have rewarded over a million dollars in the past, but this benchmark of $ 3 Million will make history. The League of Legends World Championship will take place over several locations with one being at PAX Prime. Below is the infographic about the travels.

Watching the announcement trailer has me excited and also makes me wonder what E-Sports could amount to. Could an E-Sport future look like sold out tickets to see players who are idolized and show their best with Champions we all know and love or love to hate?  Check out the original post here.

Who are your favorite champions? Got a favorite team? Let us know in the comments below!

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