Max Payne 3 Will Arrive On 2 Discs For Xbox 360

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Xbox 360 players should not be surprised that their copy will arrive on 2 discs. With a handful of titles on multiple discs for the system, it comes as no surprise that yet again a game will have a single player and multi-player disc. In the case of Max Payne 3, first disc is half of single player, 2nd is the other half of single player and multi-player.  Surely this brings about the same old question for Microsoft ” When will you have high-capacity discs?”

PS3 already has blu-ray discs and the Wii U has confirmed some sort of proprietary high capacity disc so what will the next Xbox have? Well rumors so far have let us to believe that  Microsoft might abandon discs all together. So while this is barely news, it goes to show the age of the current generation of consoles and with so many rumors running a muck who knows what the future holds for the industry.

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Heather Baird
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