PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Finally Confirmed [VIDEO]

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Perhaps the worst kept secret in the gaming world since the NGP leaks, Sony has officially confirmed the existence of their multi-franchise brawler, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The game was premiered during transmission of the GTTV television show the other night.

Following up the announcement with an official press release and video showing the game in action, Sony has announced a great deal of information about the fighting game, including its release window, Holiday this year. It is being produced by developer SuperBot Entertainment, who were set up specifically for this project using fighting game talent from around the industry.


“PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale delivers a veritable encyclopedia of PlayStation’s rich gaming history,” said Guy Longworth, Senior Vice President of Marketing for SCEA. “This game is a celebration for fans of PlayStation and we are excited to deliver the most comprehensive brawler available.”

They don’t seem to be skimping on their promise either, with six varied characters announced so far: Parappa the Rapper, Fat Princess, Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Sly Cooper and Col Radec from Killzone. More are set to be announced over the coming months and in the run up to a full reveal at E3. No doubt Nathan Drake and Ratchet and Clank will make an appearance, but more surprising is the confirmation that certain 3rd party characters will also be taking part in the battle. Sheppard from Mass Effect 3, Cole Phelps from LA Noire and Sora from Kingdom Hearts would be amongst my own personal most wanted.


The fighting stages are also designed to be an homage to the world of PlayStation, and in an interesting and slightly bizarre move each one will be a mash-up of two very different game franchises. In the trailer we have seen The God of War world of Hades being invaded by armies of Patapon, and a Little Big Planet inspired stage interrupted by quiz sessions from Buzz!

It would seem impossible to talk about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale without mentioning Super Smash Bros, and indeed the two games do appear very similar, with the same kind of on-screen mayhem and multiple characters on screen at the same time. The fighting system does seem more advanced in the Sony title however, with three separate attack buttons and a special move activated for every character using R2, including Sweet Tooth converting into an ice cream van mech (yep it looks as awesome as it sounds). It also seems that online play will be a massive focus for the game, with Sony talking about a rich and deep experience for gamers willing to prove their skills to the wider world.


Needless to say we are very excited about this one, although I am probably the only person who has owned every Smash Bros game without actually really enjoying playing any of them. I do have high hopes for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale however, and we will be bringing you more (much more!) on the title in the months running up to release. Meanwhile enjoy the trailer!

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